OK, so I now have yet another blog…check it out!!

I will NO LONGER be posting to this blog.


I think it is now safe to say that I have caught the web-design “bug”, if there is such a thing…

After only a couple of weeks I have already re-designed my Living History Photography website and I don’t think anyone can argue it is INFINITELY better!! GO CHECK IT OUT!!!

For the most part I am a self-taught web-designer, I took a couple courses but honestly slept through them…boring! I have always been a live-to-learn type of girl 🙂

Perhaps in the near future I will be able to offer web-design as a service? We’ll see…

I have this tiny obsession…taking living history portraits. Besides the fact that I am a living history participant myself, I have always enjoyed 18th century American history and find the very fact that people reenact the past to be completely fascinating. Check out those outfits! I am happy to report that I have just launched my latest website, www.livinghistoryphotography.com, as an outlet for strictly my living history work.


More progress to report! Now that I have graduated from RIT I have been forced out into the “real world” where I was faced with the task of purchasing my own hosting space for my website. After much research I chose a company, which I am happy with, and now I’m back up an running full steam ahead!

A new feature for my website is my e-mail address. Now you can reach me at: megan@megancharland.com. I feel so official now 🙂

I have been so focused on my duties of being a Lieutenant and collecting work for 6x6x2008 that I hadn’t put much thought into my own submission!

Below is a rough shot of my piece that I submitted, entitled, Cornfields Reconstructed.

Copyright 2008 by Megan Charland. All rights reserved.

This past Saturday was my GRADUATION FROM RIT as well as the CIAS Senior Show Work In Progress @ Visual Studies Workshop. It was a great turnout and I was very proud of my peers and their hard work! Below is a shot of my work, Constructed Landscapes, hanging on the wall….looking fabulous!!

Besides my graduation being next Saturday, the gallery show Work in Progress @ Visual Studies Workshop will be having a HUGE reception from 4:30-7:30pm. Hope to see you there!!

Below are some close-ups of two versions of the show posters…can you find my pieces? (hint: Chairs and Lake)